Friday, June 22, 2007

Herbing up the butter

My last entry showed a photo of those incredible salmon sandwiches and the sweet corn I served with it. For the sweet corn (which was really good for coming from the store!) I made a cilantro compound butter.
Compound butter is regular unsalted butter with flavor added to it. Tonight I made two kinds, cilantro, and basil. The cilantro butter adds a freshness to the taste of the corn. I don't know about the basil butter - this is the first time I've made it, but I think it'll be great to use with an Italian meal.

It's easy to make - just chop the fresh herbs and mix with softened butter.

Then roll into a log shape inside some plastic wrap and chill. Since I made two kinds, I labeled them both and they are in the freezer. I can slice off discs to use whenever needed.
If you serve these to company, be sure to explain to them what they're for so they're not mistaken for terrible appetizers. :o)

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