Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Monday

The weather wasn't half bad yesterday, so Greg fired up the grill and I thawed some steaks. Yum!
Sunday - Grilled rib eye w/ Pioneer Woman's bleu cheese and onion sauce (so good!). Greg had a baked potato, I had mashed cauliflower. We finished the leftover creamy mushrooms from last week.

Monday - Beef burritos, "refried" beans (from the crockpot), salsa & chips, green salad

Tuesday - Salmon, Creamy Rice Pilaf w/ peas, green salad, whole grain roll

Wednesday - Pulled pork (shoulder roast in the crockpot) sandwiches, coleslaw, sweet potato oven fries

Thursday - Cheesy chicken vegetable soup, homemade bread

Friday - Turkey/sage sliders, chips, veggies w/ dip


Tonita said...

Can I eat at your house this week?

Kay said...

We're on the same wavelength this week.

Salmon, Mexican, Pulled Pork are all on my menu too. :o)