Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Dinner

As promised, Greg grilled a rib eye steak and some sea scallops for our Valentine's Day dinner. As a little "something extra", he sprinkled some crumbled Maytag blue cheese atop the steak. It added a little creamy sharpness and tang to the meat that went well with the garlic mashed potatoes. Maytag is a very strong cheese, so a little bit went a long way.
The scallops were perfectly done, still tender and moist.
We split the steak and divvied up the scallops - but I don't think I got quite half of either...
Our wine was a merlot from Canyon Oaks, California. I can't find a website for the vineyard, but there are lots of positive reviews for their wines. This was a bottle that was given to Greg by a vendor from work. It's not an expensive wine, but it was very good. Lots of fullness and flavor.

Dessert was labor-intensive, but delicious, and of course, chocolate. Check back later this week for that one - it's worth the wait. :o)

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