Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Prepare to be amazed

Since going to Alaska last summer, we've been eating a lot more salmon. This recipe comes from my aunt, Jan Anderson. She went to Alaska in the Fall, and got this recipe from a woman who lives in Anchorage. This is exactly the way she sent it to me:

de-skin & cube salmon
de-seeded & diced jalapeño pepper
diced onion
fresh grated ginger root
equal parts sour cream & mayonnaise

sea salt
bake 375 degrees, 45 minutes
sprinkle fresh grated parmesan on top last 10 minutes

It is SOOOO good! We had it with roasted asparagus, hush puppies, Cesaer salad, and a very nice white wine named Traminette. The wine comes from a Nebraska vineyard which Aunt Jan also introduced us to.

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