Friday, April 6, 2007

Back in Time...

I've been doing a little Spring-cleaning; rearranging furniture, sorting through closets, organizing my hobby supplies.
In the midst of the chaos I found my mom's recipe box. I always knew I had it, and knew where it was, but today I brought it out and put it on my desk. This afternoon I took a little break from my sorting and looked through the contents. In coming weeks I will share some of the recipes I found, but for today I thought this would be interesting.
It's a menu from a cafe - on the back is scribbled a couple of cake recipes, so that's why this was in the box. I got a chuckle at the prices of the meals, and you KNOW it was good, homemade food. None of the boxed or instant stuff we get at our cafe here sometimes.
(If you click on the menu, you should be able to see it in a larger size, thus being better able to read the prices.)
Entrees included potatoes and gravy, stewed tomatoes (ew), salad, bread pudding, bread and butter, coffee or tea. Milk was 5 cents extra. :o)
My best guess is this menu is from the early 60's. I don't remember this cafe, and I don't even know if it was in York. I do know we can't cook this cheap at home now - what would Dan think of today's $3.50 hamburger?


Rhonda in OK said...

Tammy, do you think this cafe might of been somewhere on Route 66? I know Route 66 goes through Oklahoma and I think it ends in California, but I don't know where it starts.

Tammy said...

I don't think so, Rhonda, unless it came from my grandparents' travels. I looked up Route 66 and it starts in Chicago, then goes south through Illinois, into MO, KS, OK, TX, NM, AZ, and ends in L.A.
My assumption is that it was a local cafe that no longer exists.

Barbara Allen Moore said...

This may have been one of the small cafe's that were located south of York across from the airport. There was one that my mom and yours worked at that was in a gas station. Lots of farmers and truckers went there with their families especially on Sat. nites. There was also a Co-Op cafe out there and one farther down near the intersection to Hwy 30. Barth's eventually owned that one and I worked there for a while when the kids were toddlers. Dan's 66 may have been the name of the cafe in the Co-Op for that matter. Menu's were usually sent home with waitresses so that they'd memorize it and the prices. I'm remembering red booths and cigarette smoke and bad lighting but good fried chicken.