Saturday, May 30, 2009


I didn't realize it had been a couple of weeks since I wrote a post here. I have been cooking a little bit here and there, but did have a week when I was sick and we had take-out for a few days. Before that happened, however, I made some grilled tuna for supper one night. It is very difficult to find fresh tuna here on the Great Plains, so when I came across a package of vacuum sealed pieces several months ago, I snapped it up. I only purchased one, since my two previous experiences with fresh tuna were less than tasty, but I wanted to try again. Now I wish I'd grabbed two or three more.
This was so simple - just a dab of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper, then grilled. It was way too windy that day for the outside grill, so the cast-iron grill pan saved the day for us. It just took 4 minutes per side and we had perfectly cooked and moist tuna. This was served with the cucumber and black-eyed pea salad recipe I linked to in my last post. They worked wonderfully together and it made a nice light supper.
I really hope I can find this again, and I'm really glad to have had a good experience with fresh tuna. :o)

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