Monday, April 6, 2009

Menu review

No Menu Monday this week since I won't be cooking here all week. Tonight we ate deli meat sandwiches and chips after having lunch at an Italian restaurant in Lincoln. Tomorrow afternoon I leave for Sioux City for the rest of the week, so Greg will be having frozen pizzas and who-knows-what-else from the freezer aisle at the store. And he's okay with that - in fact, I think he looks forward to it whenever I'm gone for a few days.
I did want to talk a little bit about a couple of the recipes I made last week. Pecan-crusted pork chops was a new recipe, and it was wonderful! If you follow the link in that post, and read the reviews, you'll see that several people felt the coating needed some brown sugar or honey. I don't particulary like a sweet glaze on my meat, except for K.C. Masterpiece BBQ sauce, so I made the recipe as it was printed. The chops were juicy and flavorful, and I like the texture the nuts provide. Neither of us thought it needed sugar.
The other hit of the week was the chicken ceaser pita sandwiches. I grilled the chicken instead of poaching it, and used the herbs for a rub before grilling. The pitas were whole wheat, and I popped them into the toaster before filling with the salad mixture. We only used a couple of pieces of bacon instead of half a pound. Oy! There was a little bit of chicken and half a piece of bacon leftover, so I made the sandwich again for myself for lunch the next day. We'll have this quite often over the summer, I think. The brand of Ceasar dressing we use is Cardini's.

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