Sunday, February 24, 2008

Touch of Summer

The weather today gave us hope. Hope for an end to this long, long winter. So for supper tonight I made something I saw on "Everyday Italian" the other day. I think the show was done in the summertime because she had some fresh heirloom tomatoes. I had some "on the vine" from WalMart, but you can bet I'll be making this again come summer - and probably before.

Giada cut her tomatoes into 1/2" thick slices and arranged them on the serving plate. Then she mixed some soft goat cheese with cream to thin it out. I used fat-free half and half. No amount to give you, just keep mixing it in little by little until the cheese is creamy. Dollop on top of the tomato slices.

Then Giada put a bunch of fresh basil and fresh mint in the food processor to chop it up, then drizzled in about a cup of olive oil. This she spooned on top of the dollops of cheese.

I simply plucked some fresh basil leaves from my plant (that has stayed alive all winter and I love it!) and made a chiffonade. Sprinkled over the cheese, and added a teeny drizzle of olive oil.

We both sprinkled with some salt and pepper.

This was very tasty and I'm thinking the leftover cheese will be used to make it again tomorrow for lunch.

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